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Project management and Construction Supervision

RESTADO provides services for Construction supervision and Project management.

Project management 

is a Construction management exercised on behalf of Contracting Authority / Investor focused on compliance with the quantity and quality of work as well as setting a timetable for the execution of the works. Activities include the management of assets for the Employer / Investor, professional assistance in assessing the merits of the claims when the budget is raising through extra works or extension of time for completion of construction.

Construction Supervision on Site is carried out by authorized Engineers with certificates for architectural and engineering services according to the Act No. 138/1992 Coll. as amended by Act No. 236/2000 Coll.

Team of Construction Supervisors consists of suitable qualified Engineers and other professionals, as follows:




Occupational Health and Safety Coordinator used to be an integral part of Construction Supervision Engineers team and his activity is carried out by professional having an authority under Government Regulation No. 396/2006 Coll. about the minimum safety and health requirements on sites and the generally binding regulations.

We can ensure also training and consultancy in the field of OSH in accordance with Act No.124 / 2006 Coll. about safety and health at work and on amendment of certain acts as amended.