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OSH Coordinator for Project "D1 Ivachnová – Važec, Increase of Traffic Safety on Motorways and Expressways"

Construction Works executed in order to increase traffic safety on motorway D1 Ivachnová – Važec at km 437,458 – 482,500, according to relevant legislation.

"D1 Ivachnová – Važec, increase of traffic safety on motorways and expressways" - OSH Coordinator


Employer: Národná diaľničná spoločnosť, a.s./National Motorway Company
Contractor: "Združenie Ivachnová" consists of Doprastav, a.s.-leader of consortium, STRABAG s.r.o., EUROVIA SK, a.s., ZIPP Bratislava, s.r.o. - memebers of consortium
Project Value: 27 190 583,51 € excl. VAT
Commenecement Date: 1st. April 2016
Completion Date: 31 August 2018



Project Description:

Construction work carried out in order to increase traffic safety on the D1 highway Ivachnová - Važec at km 437.458 to 482.500, in accordance with applicable standards and under the relevant technological procedures. Construction works include an exchange and adding of crash barriers, works in the middle separating strip, the road side drainage facilities, traffic signs and traffic facilities.

The middle separating strip steel crash barriers will be removed, including the existing vegetation. Green belt is replaced with a reinforced structural layer, which serves as the supporting structure for the concrete barrier. Rigols in the middle separating strip in areas of bending curve, where the final slope falls below the limit value, shall be reimbursed with slot gutters.