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Construction Supervision for the project ŽSR, Modernization of railway line Nové Mesto nad Váhom – Púchov

Project represents an upgrading of the technical infrastructure at the section concerned, including reconstruction of railway stations and stops in the length of about 12 km.

Construction Supervision on Site for the project"ZSR, Modernisation of railway line Nové Mesto nad Váhom - Púchov, in railway km 100.500 to 159.100 for the line speed up to 160 km / h. - III. stage (section Zlatovce - Trenčianska Teplá) "


Employer: Železnice Slovenskej republiky, Bratislava v skrátenej forme “ŽSR“
Contractor: Združenie pod BREZINOU vedúci člen združenia: TSS GRADE, a.s.
Project Value:  244 969 911,33 EUR (excl.VAT)
Commencement Date: 26 August 2013
Completion Date: 23 April 2016


Project Description

The project of modernization of the railway track in the section Zlatovce - Trenčianska Teplá is part of the modernization of the railway line Nové Mesto nad Vahom - Puchov, which is a continuation of the previous sections Bratislava Raca - Trnava and Trnava - Nové Mesto nad Váhom. The construction is an upgrade of the technical infrastructure on the section concerned, including the reconstruction of railway stations and stops in the length of approximately 12 km with the aim to improve quality of the technical parameters in accordance with international agreements.
The project consists of four integrated parts of construction:

UČS 29 - railway station Zlatovce,
UČS 30 - line section Zlatovce - Trenčín,
UČS 31 - railway station Trenčín,
UČS 32 - line section Trenčín – Trenčianska Teplá.

The Construction belongs to the category of line constructions and has the character of modernization of transport routes. Part of the structure passes through a water source Trenčín - Sihoť. Data: track gauge - 1435 mm, total length of the modernized track section including stops and railway stations after modernization will be 11.952 km, line speed in a line sections and on the main station tracks will be to 160 km/h for trains with conventional wagons and for units with swinging cupboards to 200 km/h.

Bridge constructions: 8 new railway bridges, 3 new road bridges, reconstruction of 2 existing railway bridges, 2 railway bridges canceled, 1 railway underpass canceled, 9 underpasses for passengers, public, luggage, 9 culverts

Restado Ltd. realised construction supervision engineer services as a team of qualified persons - experts, as follows:

1 Expert - Construction Supervision Engineer for railway superstructure and substructure
2 Experts - Construction Supervision Engineers for bridges
1 Expert for lockout
1 Expert - authorized Geodet
1 Expert - OHS Coordinator
1 Expert - Quality Surveyor