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Construction Supervision Engineer Services - Municipal Waste Collecting Yard and Composting Plant, Tešedíkovo

Construction supervision services carrying out during the execution of the construction project Municipal Waste Collectiong Yard and Composting Plant in Tešedíkovo

Employer: Obec Tešedíkovo
Contractor: AVA-stav, s.r.o., Puškinova 700/90, 924 01 Galanta
Designer: STAVSPOL PROJEKT s.r.o., Štúrova 34, 927 00 Šaľa
Project Value: 844 000,- € excl. VAT
Commenecement Date: 1st October 2014
Completion Date: 9 January 2015

Project Description

Constructon works carried out according to design documentation under the project "Municipal Waste Collectiong Yard and Composting Plant in Tešedíkovo" in object composition as follows: CU 010 - administrative building, CU 020 - container shed, CU 030 - composting, CU 040 - Bridging the "Royal Channel", CU 050 - paved areas and roads, CU 060 - Water connection, CU 061 - distribution of water in the area, well CU 062 - Relocation of irrigation pipelines, CU 070 - sewage drains in area, sewage treatment plants and storage tanks, CU 080 - storm sewers in area and ENT, CU 090 - connection of electricity,  CU 110 - Areal outdoor lighting, CU 120 - Landscaping and greenery. CU 130 - Fencing. CU 140 - Areal distribution.
Areal distribution lines of LV type AYKY and CYKY, for connecting switchboards RH1 in object CU 030 composting plant, RMS1 the structure CU 020 container shed, RM1 for connecting control cabinets OS for the ramp, sliding gates and a weighbridge. RH2 distributor in the building CU 010 administrative building, RM2 distributor for connecting the control box for wastewater treatment plant systems and for wells. OU 01 - Transformer stations, concrete block recessed station 160 kVA, 22 / 0,40 kV. Construction woriks includes also the performance of all prescribed tests and inspections of equipment individually and as a whole, necessary for putting the construction into operation and to issue a certificate of occupancy, processing geodetic survey of actual execution of construction