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Construction supervision for the project Reconstruction and Modernization of DSS Zavar

Demolition of defective, worn building structures, removal of surface treatments and complete replacement of doors and windows in the interior and exterior.

Employer: Trnavský Samosprávny kraj, Starohájska 10, 917 01 Trnava
Constructor: TSS GRADE, a.s., Za stanicou 3, 832 52 Bratislava
Project Value: 919 891,61 € bez DPH
Commencement Date: 1st February 2012
Completion Date: 4th May 2013

Project Description

The object of DSS consists of the existing three-storey building, partly  with the basement (cellar) section, that has passed through extensive renovations and newly built three-storey annex buliding. On existing sections there have been made the demolitions of defective, worn building structures, removal of coatings and complete replacement of doors and windows in the interior and exterior finishing of 3rd above-ground floor, building stairwells in the yard and partially covered over 4th.above-ground floor with added relaxing terrace.

For the vertical movement of persons there is a staircase inside and elevator is installed outside. On the 1st.underground floor there is a boiler room with new boiler and storage tank with accessories and storage space. On the 1st. floor there is the kitchen part, dining room with reception, classroom, dressing room, bathroom, hallway and staircase. In 2nd. floor there is a gym, dressing room, living room, classrooms, restrooms and hallways. 3rd. floor contains aromatherapy, aquatherapy, massage, living room, bathroom and hallway. The annex building has three floors and they are used as a hotel rooms for 9 clients. In the courtyard, there is landscaping, a paved area and lawn with shrubs.
Entry to the building is from the Stromová street and this entrance is wheelchair accessible.