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Construction Supervision for the project "Revitalization of the central zone Kežmarok"

Reconstruction of local roads, public lighting, sanitation and construction of pavements.

Employer: Mesto Kežmarok
Constructor: STRABAG s.r.o., Mlynské Nivy 61/A, 825 18 Bratislava
Project Value: 1 297 715,- € bez DPH
Commencement Date: 20 March 2013
Completion Date: 30 July 2014

Project Description:

Project consists of 13 construction units (hereinafter "SO"), which are divided into five parts:

1. Renewal local roads - SO 01 (02,02.1) - Dr. Alexandra - designed in the original tracing of communication with arrangement - a road body is in 6.5 meters width, with parking lanes on both sides. Stone pavement - andensite cobblestones with dimension 120/120/120 mm - wheelchair access.

1a. Creating a rainwater drainage, thereby relieving the existing sewage on the Dr. Alexandra street.

2. Renewal and construction of pavements - SO 02 (01,02,03,04,05) - demountable construction of sidewalks, paving, barrier-free entrances - Castle Square, Dr. Alexandra street walkway to Barbakane - new, Garbiarska street - reconstruction and new construction;

3. The adjustment of public spaces and elements of small architecture SO-03 (02,03,04) - founding park lawn, tree planting, stocking benches and garbage bins;

4. Renewal of public lightning - SO 04 (01,02) - Replacing 36 new poles and lanterns in Castle Square and on the Dr. Alexandra street ;

5. Reconstruction of public sanitary facilities - SO 06 - roofing of the building, creating a stage for public performances, which is dealt with arched steel structure, bolted to the concrete lugs.