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Zámutov - Sewerage and Waste Water Treatment Plants - Construction Supervision

Project of an extension of the sewer D, E2, an increase of the wastewater treatment plants capacity.


Employer: Obec Zámutov, Obecný úrad 434, 094 15 Zámutov
Contractor: Združenie Harcek A SPOL., zast. Harcek a spol. s.r.o. a Stavouniverzál, s.r.o.
Completion of Project: SKANSKA SK a.s., Závod cesty, mosty SK, Oblasť Východ
Designer and Designers Supervision: Enviroline s. r. o. Košice
Project Value: 1 780 105,69 € excl. VAT
Commencement Date: November 2012
Completion Date: September 2015


Project Description

Subject of the project is an extension of the sewer D, E2 construction of sewers in the Roma settlement and increase of the capacity of wastewater treatment plants. Afterwards, the construction continued with the new contractor to complete the unfinished sewerage network and sewage treatment plant in the village Zámutov. As a part of the WWTP there was almost complete mechanical and electrical equipment including the wastewater treatment plant measurement and control.