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Supervision of Construction Works for the project "Štúrovo Agglomeration - Collection and Waste Water Treatment"

The aim of the construction was to build a sewage system in the town of Sturovo in the length of 3 189 m and in the Nana village, length of 5 320 m and WWTP in Štúrovo city for the 31,700 PE.

Employer: Západoslovenská vodárenská spoločnosť, a.s.
Contractor: ZIPP BRATISLAVA s.r.o. Mlynské Nivy 61/A, 820 15 Bratislava
Project Value: 19 979 964,32 € exl.VAT
Commencement Date: 15 May 2011
Completion Date: 15 December 2014


Project Description

The purpose and objective of the project was to build the sewage system in the part of Štúrovo city and through the Nana village  and the construction of wastewater treatment plants Štúrovo. Total length of a wastewater collecting system in Štúrovo is 3 189 m (of which 1 860.5 m is a gravity system, displacements is in a lenght of 1 328.5 m), 33 sewer connections and 2 pumping stations. Total lenght of sewerage in Nana is 5 320 m (of which 3 429 m is of gravity system and 1891 m is a displacement), 206 sewer connections and 3 pumping stations. New wastewater treatment plant in Štúrovo is in a capacity of 31,700 PE.

RESTADO Ltd. carried out a construction supervision on site in a team of professionals: